Wedding Rings in Purple Geode at Mining Exchange

Wedding Rings in Purple Geode at Mining Exchange

This ring shot was taken at the Mining Exchange hotel in downtown Colorado Springs at Harmony and Patrick's wedding. The geode was a main theme for their wedding, the bride had a slice of the purple rock tied to every bridesmaid's bouquet, and the officiant used it during the ceremony to create a picture about marriage.
When I'm taking a ring shot, I always try to make each couple's look unique, which can be hard to do. I knew this geode was the perfect backdrop, so I took it outside on the balcony of the Mining Exchange Hotel and placed it on a plain, white tablecloth. It really is one of my favorite ring shots, maybe because their antique gold rings pop so much against the deep purple rock.

Location: 8 S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903.